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QuebecCompanies.com is a database of enterprises registered in the Quebec, Canada. The register database of enterprises registered in the Quebec was created for searching through the details of this legal entities. For this purpose contains the database actually about 1700.000 records and is daily updated to guarantee the users the most actual data. It provides all the available details like enterprise name, enterprise number, registered address or officers. The access to the database will always remain free of charge.

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Legal Forms

Legal Forms Summary Description Enterprises
Compagnie Enterprise General enterprises. 768150
Entreprise individuelle Sole proprietorship A sole proprietorship is an enterprise that is owned and operated by one person only. This person is often called a "self-employed person." 646150
Société en nom collectif General partnership (G.P.) A general partnership is a group of persons, called "partners," who, in a spirit of cooperation, agree to carry on a common activity. The partners of a general partnership operate an enterprise, contribute to it by sharing property, knowledge or activities and share any resulting pecuniary profits or losses. 172170
Association personnifiée Association personified An association of person. 86290
Société par actions ou compagnie Business corporation (corporation) A business corporation (also called a "corporation" or "legal person") is a separate legal entity, and, accordingly, has its own specific rights and obligations. 77730
Syndicat de copropriété Syndicate of co-ownership A syndicate of co-ownership is a legal person governed by the Civil Code of Québec and made up of all the co-owners of a divided co-ownership. 25390
Association Association An association is a group of persons brought together with a common interest, other than that of making profits to be shared among its members, whose activities promote the study, defense and development of the economic, social or moral interests of its members. 14870
Personne morale sans but lucratif Non-profit legal person A non-profit legal person is a group of individuals who engages in non-profit activities that are cultural, social, philanthropic, national, patriotic, religious, charitable, scientific, artistic, professional, athletic, sporting, educational or other in nature, with no intention of generating profits for its members. 8810
Autre groupement Other group 7540
Coopérative Cooperative A cooperative is a legal person consisting of persons having common economic, social and cultural needs who unite to operate a business according to the rules of cooperative action in order to meet those needs. 6440
Société en commandite Limited partnership (L.P.) A limited partnership is a partnership consisting of one or more general partners and one or more limited partners. It is created through a partnership agreement and must be designated by a single name for all the partners. 6480
Société en participation Joint venture (or undeclared partnership) A joint venture is a partnership that is not a legal person and does not have a juridical personality, and whose partners act in their own name on behalf of all partners. 41190
Société non constituée au Québec Unincorporated enterprise in Quebec 3250
Autre Others 6420